New Type of Fresh Green Garlic Root and Stem Cutting and Removing Machine

Fresh Green Garlic Stem and Root Cut Equipment

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       “Fresh garlic root and stem cutting machine is researched and developed by Qingdao Dong Devotion Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd which aimed to cut and remove the root and stem of fresh green garlic.

       This machine is suitable for using both in the fields and at home, and it can cut the garlic root and stem at one time. While operating the machine, it needs the worker to feed fresh garlic to the equipment, then the root and stem of fresh garlic will be cut automatically and after cut, garlic bulbs can be packed into a bag.

       By using this machine, garlic root is cut clean, the cutting speed is fast and the effect is good. This machine has been awarded national utility model and invention patent. This machine is designed compact and portable. It can cut 4000-6000 trees of fresh garlic per hour by one worker with one equipment.

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