Self-rotating type BBQ Grill

Crispy skin&Tender meat&Savory taste


     A good bunch of grilled flavors are everywhere, but the most mouth-watering taste is crispy and tender, tasty and appetizing!

    The “Self-rotating type BBQ Grill with crispy skin, tender meat and savory taste”, which has obtained China dual patents of both structure and appearance, was produced by Qingdao Dong Devotion Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

     This grill has special design which will make the grilled food flavorful with not only crispy outside but also tender inside. What’s more, the savory smell will go into each part of your body.

There are six original characteristics as the following:

1, When grilling, the meat skewers rotate itself, evenly cooked and nicely browned.

2, Design with pottery inner, it makes kebab smell delicious and taste special and unique.

3, It has two models. One is charcoal-grilled type and the other is electric-grilled type.

4, It meets a variety of power supplies and is equipped with storage battery.

5, This grill is very convenient and easy to be used at home or in the open air.

6, It is suitable for both family use and restaurant use.

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