Turkish Customer Large Production of Onion Skin Peeling and Root Cutting Assembly Line

5-12cm 2t/H


土耳其洋葱剥皮切根流水 上传.jpg

Onion peeling machine + onion root cutting machine

Video address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=177aRJLxiAE

        This onion processing production line is customized by our Turkish customer. It is composed of one set of new onion layered peeling machine and two sets of two belts onion root cutting machines. It can meet the productivity of 2T-2.5T per hour for onions with diameter of 5-12cm. By using this new type onion dry skin peeling and removing machine, the finished product efficiency can reach more than 90%. After peeled, onion surface is clean and no damage. The peeling effect is very good.

        If you also want to own this kind of production line, please welcome to contact us, your requirements is our duty, your satisfaction is our aim.

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