2019 New Invented Large Production of Automatic Onion Layered Skin Peeling and Removing Machine

5-12cm 1T/H


Automatic Onion Layered Peeling Machine


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        There are various types of onion peeling machines in current world, and generally these machines peel off too many onion skins and layers which led to too much waste. Also there is no machine can peel onions on the basis of onion different layers, especially for those onions with more dry skins, can not be peeled very well by these machines.


       Now independently researched and developed by our company, the latest new technology product of automatic onion layer peeling machine has been launched to the market.

        Compared with other similar onion peeling machines, this machine has the following special advantages:

1. It is designed with "onion layering controller" which can automatically control the peeling depth of different onion layers. It can be set to peel off only dry skin or further to peel the second, the third and the fourth fresh layer of onion. Set any peeling layers that you want to peel.

2. It adopts the spiral pushing way to peel onion skin continuously with fast speed and high efficiency.

3. It can peel raw onion material directly without cutting onion root first. In this way, onion will be peeled clean with less removal and higher output. What’s more, onion inside is clean with no pollution, while other manufacturers use the way of first cutting off onion root and then peeling onion skin will lead to the second pollution with more waste and lower output.

4. The onions of any types, any size, dry/wet condition and any places of origin, all can be perfectly peeled.

5. It is very suitable for peeling onions which have thick skins as well as the yellow onions with more dry skins.

6. It has three models with peeling capacity of 1000KG/H, 2000KG/H and 3000KG/H.

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