Semi-Auto Two Position Green Banana Peeling Machine



Two position green banana peeling machine

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       Researched and developed by Qingdao Dong Devotion Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd, our plantain green banana peeling machine adopts the peeling way of manually feeding and knife automatic peeling. It can peel off the green banana skin in a fast speed with one piece of banana peeled in 3.6 seconds and about 960~1000 green bananas peeled in one hour for one position and 1920~2000 bananas per hour for two position machine. 

       This machine is suitable for green unripe bananas of any bending, any size, any shape and all can be perfectly peeled with small removal and complete banana flesh kept. Our green banana peeling machine is the unique and most advanced technology product in current world and it is also the preferred machinery product of global banana processing industries.

This machine has the following features:

1.Banana material is fed by hand.

2.Banana skin is peeled clean and after peeled, banana flesh is smooth with no damage.

3.The machine is suitable for green unripe bananas of any type, any size and any bending.

4.Banana flesh and banana skin output automatically and separately.

Technical parameters:

Voltage: 380V/220V

Power: 0.8KW

Operation way: double stations, two workers

Equipment dimenstion: 2.09*1.07*1.03m

Production: about 320 KG / H

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