Shallots Small Red Onions Peeling Machine

16800~19200 heads/H


Small onion peeling machine

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       Shallots with diameter of 25mm - 40mm belong to small onions. Manually peeling this kind of small onions will waste labour and it is a difficult problem to peel off shallots skin by machine. Since shallots have special characteristics of less water and bigger hot which are the finest materials for seasoning making, it has a wide application market. 

       After a few years researching, "shallots onion peeling machine" finally launched into the onion market. We developed this machine with special peeling method, and it has the following main features:

1. It adopts full-automatic mechanical operation. It only needs the worker to pour the unpeeled onions into the feeding hopper, and then the conveyor belt will carry onions to the peeling device continuously for automatic peeling by air.

2. This machine is suitable for any kinds of shallots from China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, all can be peeled clean at one time.

3. It can be equipped with other equipment such as onion root cutting machine, slicing machine, dicing machine, drying machine, etc. for shallots deep processing use.

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