New Automatic Onion Layered Peeling Machine

The latest new technology of onion peeling machine_ onion with no damage and layered peeling machine


onion with no damage and layered peeling machine is the latest new researched and launched patent technology by Qingdao Dong Devotion Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It is the peeling technology that is optional according to the amount of onion skin layers. This machine can be set to only peel off the dried skin on the surface of onion, or further to peel off two layers, three layers and more layers of onion skin. By using this machine, the peeling speed is fast, the peeling effect is good without any damage. It is the unique and most advanced technology in current world.  

Advantages and characteristics:

  1. Layered peeling: set any peeling layers that you want to peel onion.

  2. Onions range: onion diameter is 50120mm.

  3. Peeling effect: peeling clean rate can be reached to 98.

  4. Peeled onion appearance: smooth surface, no bump and no crush.

  5. Capacity: three types with peeling 1000KG/H, 2000KG/H and 3000KG/H.

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